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Puerto del Carmen, launches this Friday, Valentine’s day, the new local market with 131 stalls

Puerto del Carmen will launch on Friday the 14th, Valentine’s day, the new market which will be situated next to El Varadero.

It will count with a total of 131 stalls every Friday between 16:00 and 22:00. Within all the stalls, which will have a uniform and integrated image in this particular area of Puerto Del Carmen, The City Council of Tías will be responsible for 10 stalls which will be offered randomly to social groups and NGOs for their activities, as well as having a designated fixed area for the promotion of local products of the Island.

Amongst the 131 stalls, there will be enterpreuners of the island and stalls dedicated to the sale of textiles, accessories, food, crafts, cosmetic, decoration and others. Several dynamic and musical activities have been organized for Friday the 14th, even though according to the city council these dynamic activities will take place weekly.


The UK Paralympic Team trains in Puerto del Carmen

They are getting ready in Lanzarote for the upcoming 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Puerto del Carmen’s beaches have hosted in the past few days several training sessions for members of the UK’s paralympic thriathlon team. Amy Marren one of the team members in the discipline of swimming, has been named by the BBC as one of the ten most influential young athletes in her country.

First accesible beach in Europe for diving

In addition to adapting public places to the demands of the law against architectural barriers, Puerto del Carmen is strengthened as an accesible touristic destination, and it will count with the first accesible beach specialized in diving in the whole of Europe. Los Pocillos beach, opposite our hotel, will be the focus of these early performances of accesibility.

The promotional video of Puerto del Carmen reaches 1,600 hits in 24 hours

Puerto del Carmen’s Youtube Channel has achieved 1,600 views in less than 24 hours with their new promotional video of Puerto Del Carmen.

Most of these downloads have come from the UK, Ireland and Spain and the City Council believes that this has been achieved due to social networking sites which have created a ‘viral effect’.

You can see numerous activities which take place in Puerto del Carmen; from the Carnival, St. Patrick’s Day, the Ironman, and the local festivities to the dives in one of Europe’s best seabeds.

Most beach images belong to the Pocillos beach which can be accessed directly through Las Costas Hotel.

Centres of Art, Culture and Tourism of Lanzarote

The Centres of Art, Culture and Tourism of the Lanzarote Town Council highly praise the island´s volcanic nature and offer seven sightseeing spots that really worth a visit for discovering the true essence of Lanzarote.

The local artist César Manrique combined Art and Nature in an unique way by applying a model designed and based on sustainability. Furthermore his work doubtless contributed to the declaration of Lanzarote as Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1993.

By visiting these seven beautiful natural wonders one also promotes the social, cultural and environmental development of the Island.

More information here

A company organises travelling to space from the Canary Islands by balloon

The company Zero2Infinity studies whether to locate themselves in the technology park in Fuerteventura. The flights for tourists will ascend up to 36 km high.

The Canaries are once again the protagonists of space travel for tourists. To the project of suborbital flights with rocket powered aircrafts from the airport of Gran Canaria, is added the new proposal of going up into space by helium balloons.

The spanish company Zero2Infinity, situated in Barcelona, studies the development of their project from the technology park in Fuerteventura.

If so, from 2015 onwards tourists will be able to visit space from the island, at 36 km high -triple the height of a commercial aircraft-, and to experience weightlessness.

Puerto del Carmen beaches will become accesible to all

The accesses to Playa Chica have already been renovated and soon the ones in Los Pocillos beach will be renewed too.

Tias City Council has undertaken a plan to make Puerto del Carmen a destination completely accessible for people with disabilities. Puerto del Carmen already counts with various establishments specialized in this segment, but it still ditn’t have beaches adapted for people with reduced mobility.

This work will focus on the improvement of the public facilities, the removal of architectural barriers, in new adaptated toilets and in the creation of ramps.

Within the services that Puerto del Carmen will have, there will be ‘amphibious’ chairs available for those people with disabilities or reduced mobility, who intend to go in the waters off the coast of Puerto del Carmen.

The beaches of Puerto del Carmen will have 20 lifeguards

The City Council of Tias will count with 20 lifeguards who will ensure safety in Puerto del Carmen’s beaches, from today onwards.

The NGO Emerlan has been the company chosen in a contest to ensure coastal surveillance in Tias during two years for the amount of 820.000€.

This service will count with an ambulance, a boat, jet skis and an underwater rescue unit. The lifeguards and rescue units schedules will be from 10.00 to 18.00 during winter and 10.00 to 19.00 in the summer.

Volcanic landscapes

The Canary Islands began to emerge from the ocean depths as a consequence of magmatic activity. The process of formation began in the Miocene Age, about 23 million years ago.

The oldest islands are La Gomera, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote, while the youngest are El Hierro, La Palma and Tenerife. Since the end of the 15th century there have been 14 volcanic eruptions, the most recent in 1971 in the island of La Palma.

Important naturalists from past centuries, including Alexander von Humboldt, were interested in the islands, which nowadays are considered to be one of the most important volcanic regions in the world. Almost all kinds of volcanic rock are present in the archipelago.

In the volcanic landscapes of the Canary Islands we can find cones, lava fields, craters, cliffs, as well as many caves and underground galleries, including one which is among the longest in the world at 6 km in length, as well as one of the ten longest volcanic tubes in the world, with a length of almost 20 km. Some exclusive endemic species in the islands inhabit the interior of these volcanic formations.

Ron Howard finishes filming in El Golfo

Director Ron Howard and his team of 400 people completed shooting the film “In the heart of the sea” on Tuesday afternoon in the village of El Golfo.

Ron Howard published on his Twitter account some images of the moon on the rocky beach of El Golfo and its own shadow on the black rocks. Also, the director has commented that it has been an “extraordinary creative experience” and he thanked the work of everyone involved.


From the town of Yaiza it has been highlighted the “priceless publicity” that this film will give to Lanzarote, as well as the environmental respect of the production company.

Canary islands, one of the most popular destinations for Christmas

New York, Madrid and Canary Islands are the top three of the ten most requested destinations to travel to for Christmas, according to a report from the online agency Expedia, based on the bookings made to travel between the 21st of December and 5th of January.

It’s worth pointing out that New York is one of the most popular Christmas destinations for Europeans, as it’s always in between the first and forth position in other European Countries where Expedia has produced this ranking.

This year, Europeans choose to enjoy the Canary Islands, present in five european rankings.