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A place that defies imagination

The landscapes in the Canary Islands are full of places that often exceed the realms of imagination: idyllic beaches, spectacular volcanoes, sand dunes, leafy forests and a spectacular sky –always clear blue– which will make you feel you’re in a world of fiction. So it’s hardly surprising that many film directors and writers have chosen the archipelago as a source of inspiration or as a backdrop for their work.

Gregory Peck, Orson Wells or figures like Agatha Christie –among others– have all experienced adventures in the Canary Islands. And maybe on your visit you too will feel like the main character in a novel or a science fiction film.

Source of literary inspiration

Throughout history, many authors have retired to the Canary Islands to write their novels. Some of the most important include José Saramago, the Nobel Prize for Literature, who settled in Lanzarote and even dedicated two books to the island; and the British crime writer Agatha Christie, who found on the island the inspiration she needed to finish writing “The mystery of the blue train”.

A little later she set one of the short stories featuring Miss Jane Marple on the islands, when she referred to their “mild and sunny climate, excellent beaches and lively harbour”.

Another famous writer who also found inspiration in the islands was Jules Verne, who in his novel “The Thompson Travel Agenc” used the archipelago as the setting for his imaginative adventures, and about which he wrote “…indeed it is hard to imagine a more attractive sight”.

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