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We’re all longing for hugs and humanity

Last night we dreamed of sharing a massive toast at sunset. We were drinking a glass of chilled white wine. One produced from grapes cultivated in the artisan hollows of La Geria; one of those wines that preserve the memory (and the aromas and minerals) of this land forged by fire and fed by traditional farming knowledge.

While we are waiting for that longed-for scenario that guarantees the health of the local population and all those travellers who would love to visit us, we have been dedicating ourselves to the contemplation of the nature around us.

Today we crossed off another day on the calendar. Today we are that little bit closer to composing a symphony following the baton of nature.

Today, fortune consists of having a window open to the sky or a balcony overlooking the sea.

Source: Turismo Lanzarote

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