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La Graciosa

Gazing from the coastline of the Risco de Famara (the Famara cliffs) at the fairest island in the Chinijo Archipelago, the mouth begins to water at the thought of its golden beaches, the placid houses standing on its sandy ochre canvas and at the turquoise sea that caresses its shores.

This island is for special travellers, those who are sensitive enough to enjoy its nature, silence, beauty, and of course the sun and the secluded beaches.

La Graciosa is one of the last places in Europe with no asphalted roads. It is the least explored and most peaceful and serene of the Canary Islands.

La Graciosa is not a mass tourism destination, but rather the perfect island where you can literally forget about your shoes. With regard to clothing,  you must definitely pack your swimsuit, as well as a light jumper for the evening. It is vital to take high factor sun cream, and a sun hat, as once you have left the Caleta del Sebo, it will not be easy to find shade.

The accommodation is concentrated in Caleta de Sebo, and includes guest houses, self-catering houses for longer stays, apartments, and even a campsite with showers and bathrooms.

From the island of La Graciosa, trips can be made by sea to the Islotes (islets) that form the Marine Reserve, providing views to a beautiful landscape that is still untouched.

Another fantastic way of exploring La Graciosa and its exotic landscape is by bicycle. There are trails leading to the most special and hidden corners of this tiny island – paths that must be followed without detour in order to avoid eroding or deteriorating the landscape.

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