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¡A Unique Musical Experience!

Everything’s set for the 7th annual Arrecife en Vivo series of live concerts.

There’ll be dancing in the streets as people of all ages flock to join in the fun of this outdoor music festival. Every Friday there’ll be 4 bands, 2 DJs and an entertainment troupe for 8 hours of live music – all totally free of charge! 

Arrecife en Vivo 2019 will take place on 6 different stage areas around Arrecife: the Reducto beach, the El Almacén square, The Charco de San Ginés harbour, and the Lanzarote Marina.

Since being awarded the Best Small Music Festival prize in the Iberian Festival Awards back in 2016, Arrecife en Vivo, sponsored by Estrella Galicia, has gone from strength to strength and has shown its commitment to a sustainable festival format by offering reusable plastic cups, collaborating with a local ecologically-friendly cleaning company and by raising awareness about the unique marine environment in which it takes place.

And there’s more… Arrecife en Vivo has gone on to win the best medium-sized musical festival in the 2019 Iberian Festival Awards.

This year’s event includes ‘Apoyamos a la cantera’ on Saturday 28th September – a day designed for youthful audiences with and a series of workshops and concerts for and featuring kids.

Headlining the 2019 line-up over the 4 Friday concerts are; Apollo 440, Instituto Mexicano del Sonido, Skindred and The Skatalites.

Forget arena-style venues and having to queue up in the back of beyond for a handful of tokens– this is central Arrecife and it’s LIVE!

See: a subtropical city as a backdrop; Hear: bands playing like there was no tomorrow.

Mix: with people aged 0 to 100 all speaking different languages. Witness: Musical culture taking over public spaces.

Join in: the grannies, Indie-fans, freaks, geeks, nerds and rockers all dancing together.

Enjoy: the sea, palm trees, the port, the local neighbourhood and a fabulous fiesta!

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