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30th Festival Campesino

Friday, August 23rd · 21.30h · Charco de San Ginés, Arrecife.

César Manrique’s portraits of the male and female farmworkers are two of his most iconic images and have been chosen to illustrate the poster for 2019’s 30th Farmworkers’ Festival.

Now in its thirtieth year, this festival is a heartfelt homage to farmworkers throughout the islands. This year’s event coincides with “100 Years of Life”, the centenery celebrations commemorating 100 years since the birth of Manrique – Lanzarote’s own beloved artist whose legacy is entrusted to the Foundation bearing his name.

This year’s festival has been devised by Benito Cabrera, who brings us his new project “Canaries – Wines around the world” which pays tribute to Canarian wines and how they’ve connected the Archipelago with other countries and renowned names in western culture throughout history.

The show is all about bringing together wines, music and dance in a complex and intriguing celebration of history, creativity and all-round sensory pleasure.

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