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5th Sailfish Lanzarote Open Water

Playa Grande, Puerto del Carmen – 18-05-2019

Are you ready for a unique experience?

Sailfish Lanzarote Open Water is celebrated in the tourist area of Puerto del Carmen in Lanzarote during the month of May.

Playa Grande, the exact location where the event is held, is known for its clear waters, fine sand and having all the services of a holiday destination recognized internationally in the last decades.

Sailfish Lanzarote Open Water swimming is an event open to all audiences, from professional athletes who need the adrenaline of the competition, to casual swimmers just looking for fun. It also includes a children’s circuit for the little ones can take up the sport of swimming.

Open for all athletes

Sailfish Lanzarote Open Water is made under the modality of Open Water. The event is divided into categories, Masters, Juniors and Infants, and has Insurance Liability proper permits, doctors, in addition to its own staff and volunteers. In addition to a large service area on the beach that allows participants to have maximum comfort at all times.

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