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Countdown to Carnival!

Puerto del Carmen is set to host the island’s spectacular Carnival celebration between 7th and 10th March with Carnival sounds and sights courtesy of music groups, dancing troupes, concerts, kids’ Carnival, daytime Carnival and a stunning Carnival parade along the seafront promenade.

Come to Lanzarote’s main tourist resort and enjoy the Carnival celebration of a lifetime…
Not to be missed!!!

* Program

THURSDAY, 7th March

8:00 p.m.- Grand show of the Carnival groups: Comparsa “Sur Caliente”, “Guaracheros”, Batucada “Chimbay”, Charanga “Los Gruñones”, School Dance Beatrice Senent and Drag Xoul in the Harbour Old Town.

FRIDAY, 8th March

9:30 p.m.- Carlinhos Brown in Concert in the Harbour Old Town. After open air dance with the group “Vamos y la liamos”.

SATURDAY, 9th March

5:00 p.m.-Grand Carnival Parade at Avenida de las Playas from Costa Mar shopping center to the vicinity of the Fariones Playa Aparthotel.

9:00 p.m.- Open Air Dance with groups: “Mambo Riko”, “Los Conejeros” and Dj Ángel Pérez in the Harbour Old Town.

– 22:00 p.m.- Performance of the singer “El Nhoa”.

SUNDAY, 10th March

11:00 a.m..- Children Carnival Parade at the end of Calle Teide to the Harbour Old Town.

11.30 a.m.- Inflatable children’s mats.

12:00 a.m.- Midday Carnival with the performances of “Pepe Benavente”, “Salvapantallas” and the singer of the group “Bajip de La Gomera”, in the Harbour Old Town.

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