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Mercado Autóctono Sostenible (Sustainable Autochthonous Market)

Experience some of the traditional craft methods first hand with local craftspeople, like traditional pottery, the roseta, empleita, telar, mojo sauce and gofio recipes, and many other workshops to complete a visit to this emblematic spot located right at the heart of Lanzarote.

Guarantees offered by the Sustainable Local Market

  • Experiences that are a true reflection of traditions of Lanzarote.
  • Products that are 100% made with ingredients from Lanzarote.
  • Products made using sustainable methods, respecting the environment and the economy of the island.

Tradition, craftsmanship and local product go hand in hand with MAS Campesino. The Sustainable Autonomous Market of the Casa-Museo del Campesino is a space in which to value the traditions associated with our heritage culture and to experience, through the hand of local artisans, some of the native artisan techniques and many other experiential workshops that will complement the visit to this emblematic place in Lanzarote.
Cheer up to know and enjoy with the experiences and craft workshops that we propose daily in the MAS Campesino.

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