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Diving in Lanzarote

You will discover a world that you had never imagined before. A volcanic island with an endless variety of landscapes, where most of its fauna lives underwater”

A dive mask and a tube is enough to know this underwater world. The coast of Lanzarote offers plenty of spots to dive and explore easily.

When the sea is calm you can dive anywhere in Lanzarote. The positive side about diving is that anyone can practise it, you just need to swim.

There are many reasons why diving is an unforgettable experience: you feel weightless as if you are flying, the sea life, the colours, the spectacular volcanic landscapes… Lanzarote is the ideal place to start diving and also, it is an activity that you can do with your family.

It is a fantastic destination for experienced divers, the more they dive the more they want to dive.  There are more than 50 outstanding diving routes so you will need to visit the island more than once! With over 100 dive sites, just few people know them all!


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