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Nuestra Señora del Carmen Fiestas – Puerto del Carmen 2018

Programme of events until August 12th


– 5 pm – Beach Volleyball. Playa Grande beach.
– 8 pm – Food tasting – typical Sancocho Canario in the El Fondeadero Civic Centre.
– 9 pm – Popular Music Group Asomavo play in the Plaza del Varadero square.
– 10 pm – Dance with musical accompaniment by folk groups Raices, Pal’Porrón, Son del Norte and Salineros de la Hoya’. Plaza del Varadero square.


– 12:30 pm – Regata of traditional Jolatero boats made out of old oil drums. The Poril.
– 6 pm – Church. Liturgy and maritime procession accompanied by traditional folk music group Los Buches and Murga group Los Tity Roys.
– 9.30 pm – Concert with 600 and Los Lolas. Venue: Plaza del Varadero square.
– 02.00 am – Typical Verbena Dance with live music from Sonora Olympia (Tenerife). Venue: Plaza del Varadero square.


– 12 pm – Midday Verbena Dance with musical accompaniment by the Syntony Show trio. Venue: Almacén de los Marineros.
– 1 pm- Concert with Ultima Llave. Plaza del Varadero square.
– 7 pm – Church. Mass sung by Puerto del Carmen’s Coral Marina choir and street procession accompanied by the Cultural & Artistic Association Band of Tías, Acuarti followed by folk group Güerma.
– 8.30 pm – Finals of the Men’s Canarian Boules (Bola) Championship. Plaza del Varadero square.
– 9 pm – Concert by Jóvenes Cantadores. Plaza del Varadero square.
– 11 pm – Fireworks display.

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