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From La Geria to the Stars

The volcano erupted in 1730; the Island of Lanzarote, once the granary of the Canary Islands, was covered under a grey cloud for six years. Just like a phoenix, it came back out of the ashes to discover that, what seemed like a cursed, was actually a gift which transformed its physiognomy, its attitude and its daily life.

The lava, flowing constantly for years, started to settle; the destroyed fields were now covered by lapilli, called “rofe” or “picón”, which is the best substratum to preserve the humidity, abundant in the island.

Thus Lanzarote reinvented itself, its people learnt to communicate with this apparent wasteland and soon it gave birth to the marvelous cultivation pits, the “zocos”. In the central area of the island, a future treasure was born: La Geria! Come and discover it!

La Geria is synonymous with wine, lava, impossible landscapes, work… The face of La Geria is filled with zocos, furrows, stony arms that protect grapevines, which are as delicate as they are valuable.

Man and La Geria; centuries of history that give us a unique landscape; a place where you can get swept up in the powerful vision it offers.

At night, you will discover that there is no light pollution in La Geria: the sky is fully covered in stars, an incomparable sight you can enjoy with a glass of local wine.

Come visit Lanzarote’s wine cellars and get to know the local gastronomy: cheese, wrinkled potatoes, “mojo picón”… Come hike with us: we will give you a special vision of the place; we will identify the flora together; come discover the history and the story of the locals; share experiences.

From La Geria to the stars. Do not let this wonderful experience go by!

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