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The shores of Lanzarote

Lanzarote’s coast offers a universe of sand only interrupted by cliffs of volcanic rock.

The beaches take on an infinite variety of shapes and textures, offering those exploring them a multitude of options that simply require choosing the one that best suits your expectations.
Coves with vast swathes of golden sand, lapped by crystal clear waters or white-capped waves, provide a range of tempting pleasures that are difficult to resist.

Lanzarote will fulfil the hopes of every visitor, whether they are seeking peace and quiet or the chance to interact with this ocean of irresistible depths.

And the fact is that the sea has collaborated with Lanzarote’s lava flows to create a fascinating coastline, home to a multitude of species that will delight all divers, both professional and novice.

The excellent communion of wind and waves turns the island into the perfect destination for the practice of water sports like sailing and surfing.

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