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TitiriTías, II International Festival of Performing Arts 2018

Plaza El Pavón and Municipal Theatre (Tías). Admission: free until maximum capacity is reached.

Friday 15th July

17.30 hrs. Workshop: Handling puppets (from 7 years old) Venue: Municipal Theatre)

19.30 hrs. Circus: “A Stroke of Luck” Compañía Intrépido (Argentina).

20.45 hrs. Physical comedy: “FY (EF WAY) Yeyo Guerrero. (Cádiz).

22:00 hrs. Concert: “Sally and the Shakers” Pop Rock (Gran Canaria).

Saturday 16th July

10.30 a.m. Workshop: Theatre Games (from 6 to 10 years old)

12.00 p.m. Workshop: Walk a Tightrope (from 12 years old) Cavea Cómico (Lanzarote).

18:00 hrs. Theatre: “Around the world in 5 stories”.

19.15 hrs. Circus / Theatre: “Ricky, the tennis teacher” La mano jueves (Barcelona).

20.30 hrs. Physical / Musical Theatre “Tip, tap, poum” Rolando Rondinelli (Argentina).

22:00 hrs. Concert “Drunken Cowboys” Western Ethyl (Zaragoza).

Sunday 17th June

10.30 a.m. Workshop: Juggling (All ages).

12.00 p.m. Workshop: Trapeze and acrobatics (from 5 to 9 years).

13.00 hrs. Workshop: Trapeze and acrobatics (from 10 years old).

17.30 hrs. Magic / Poetry: “Don Garabato’s Journey” Anibal R. (Gran Canaria).

18.30h “La Gran Variette” with artists from here, there and everywhere!

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