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Lanzarote Fashion Weekend 2018

Fashion, innovation, music and gastronomy in fusion with the splendour of nature.

12th May, 2018 – Jameos del Agua.

The event includes a fashion show, a cognitive dinner and a DJ party inside Jameos del Agua’s volcanic tunnel.

Custo Barcelona will kick-start the evening by presenting its latest collection – including some Lanzarote inspired designs – in an exclusive fashion walk in the auditorium. The event continues around the swimming pool designed by César Manrique, where attendees will savour a menu based on their own culinary tastes. This innovative gathering includes interaction with robots and scores of special guests. The event will draw to a close with a DJ Session inside the volcanic tunnel.

Lanzarote Fashion Weekend is organised by CACT Lanzarote and Turismo Lanzarote. Business pioneers in their respective fields participate every year, with IBM and Custo Barcelona joining us for this first edition.

LZTFW welcomes both the specialist and general public to experience the most cutting-edge trends in fashion and technological innovation, at the dream venue of Jameos del Agua.

Custo Barcelona is a fashion brand with a strong personality, based on a blend of colour, graphics and fabrics. With every new season, the brand pushes the limits of creativity, developing collections with its own contemporary language.

The Dalmau brothers started the brand after they came across a myriad of artistic, cultural and philosophical expressions during a round the world motorbike trip. The surfer look of southern California, as well as the psychedelic style of the state’s northern region, inspired them to launch a graphic design project. Using t-shirts as a canvas, they created a style which was way ahead of its time.

Ongoing research into the use of colour and patterns eventually transformed into innovation, audacity and sophistication. Today, one can say that Custo Barcelona is a style unto itself, that conveys a specific way of looking at life.

Lanzarote Fashion Weekend

Custo assures us that the we’d have to go way back in time to trace the origins of the Lanzarote Fashion Weekend. “The idea arose a long time ago.” We recognise that fashion is not just about clothing collections, but also about the backdrop in which you present them,” he tells us. “We’ve been presenting all over the world for a long time, and we believe that the venue for your show is an important element at the time you show your collection.” I must say that I adore Lanzarote, it’s like a paradise to me, a secret to be discovered and a wonderful place… that’s why I presented this project to the Canarian government fifteen years ago, but the crisis got in the way and it came to nothing,” he reveals. “We tried again last year and thanks to the island’s actual government, the project has come to fruition and we’re very excited about it.”

Dalmau tells us a little more about the event: “We will show our collections in a fashion show at Jameos del Agua, some of which has been inspired by the island itself,” he points out, adding that the rest of the collection was presented in New York last month. “But the most important thing is the setting where it will take place: Jameos del Agua and the island itself. Journalists, designers, influencers, and people from the international fashion industry will come to the event, and can discover Lanzarote’s spectacular landscapes. The idea is to present it from a glamorous and unusual point of view.

Jameos del Agua, a unique place

On the subject of Jameos, he only has words of admiration. “I hadn’t visited Jameos for a very long time, and when I returned the other day I found it to be even more impressive than the first time. How many places like Lanzarote exist? I travelled all over the world, I’ve been everywhere and I’ve found very few places like the ones you find on this island,” he stressed. “I’m in love with this island. Not only have I spent summers in Famara, but also in La Graciosa… Although I don’t want to rave too much about the island, as I don’t want everyone to know about it, so that it gets too full of people. I like it just the way it is. To wake up in the morning in Famara and see this landscape, walk along the cliffs, visit Mirador, Timanfaya… it’s just amazing,” and adds “I like everything, the lifestyle, the little villages, the food… I love to eat here.” If I could I would live here.”

Tickets are now available to enjoy the catwalk, cocktail and closing party at Jameos del Agua at, at the price of 65€ per person.

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