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A Lifesaving Fan

An eye-catching and practical fan is at the centre of a new campaign to prevent drownings on the island.

The “Drowning and Accident Prevention Campaign” has been launched by Lanzarote’s Emergency and Safety Consortium and the Cabildo’s Tourism Department (SPEL) who have worked in conjunction with the University of Las Palmas in Gran Canaria and the Canarian Association of Graduates in Safety and Risk Control.

The attractive paper fan is both a practical and useful way to convey vital information to elderly residents and tourists about the potential dangers of the sea and swimming pools. It not only gives you handy tips on how to prevent accidents in the water, but it also points out the most common risks and informs you what to do in case of emergency. It is the first campaign of its kind in the Canaries as it brings together safety information that covers psychological and sociological concepts.

Many visitors to the island are not familiar with the sea and lack a basic awareness of things like the beach warning flags and what the different colours mean or simply the consequences of sudden changes in body temperature. To help visitors make their stay enjoyable and avoid any unfortunate incidents these fans contain all the basic information in Spanish, German, French and English. They will be distributed at all the tourist information points across Lanzarote as well as many other locations including the airport, the Cabildo and the Emergency Consortium offices.

The fans feature a range of different tips, including; respect the meaning of the beach flags (red = no swimming, yellow = swim with caution, and green = swimming is allowed); if you see someone in danger, call 112 before helping; do not dash into the water too quickly; don’t swim unaccompanied; do not stray too far from the shore; swim on beaches with lifeguards on duty and follow their instructions; decide if it is wise to swim if you are sick or taking medication; find out about the features of where you want to swim; use sun protection; avoid heavy meals prior to swimming; and also, keep hydrated by having frequent drinks of water.

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