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Teguise´s Tradicional Carnival

March 2 at 8:00 p.m. Plaza de La Constitución, Teguise.

With this meeting of expressions of Traditional Carnival, it is intended to pay tribute to the traditional Carnival of the Canary Islands, with some of its most representative manifestations of our region.

La Villa de Teguise, the homeland of one of the most important expressions of this festival, acts as the host of the exhibition.

In the 2018 edition, with the occasion of the 600th anniversary of Teguise, it is intended to give more prominence to the call, with the presence of expressions of the Traditional Canarian Carnival, as well as other latitudes such as Antruejo from Llamas de La Ribera (León), Los Caretos from Podence (Portugal) or the Vejigantes from Puerto Rico.

This year’s meeting will be complemented by school workshops, carnival gastronomy exhibitions and traditional mask and costume manufacturing workshop.

Teguise, irreplaceable. If you do not visit Teguise, your trip will not be complete.

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