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Arrecife Carnival 2018 “An Enchanted Carnival”

In 2018 … Do not miss any carnival on the island!

Friday, February 9 21:00h. GREAT FINAL OF THE XXX CONTEST OF MURGAS ADULT, in the Fairground, with the participation of the finalists murgas, and the performance of Trio Zapatista

Saturday, February 10 12:00h. Batucadas of Parade and Comparsas, from the Four Corners, street lion and castle to the Canary Islands Park.

13:00h. Carnaval Porteño with different performances and DJ Maxi, on Avenue La Marina. 17:00h. IV Mask Dance, for seniors in the Sociocultural Center of Argana Baja.

Sunday, February 11 17:00h. Children’s party and election of the Infant Queen of the Carnival. Contest of individual costumes, couples and groups, with the performances of the winning Murgas Children’s design and lyrics and with the group “Chiquilladas”.

Monday, February 12 18:00h. GREAT PARADE of floats, murgas, comparsas, batucadas and mascaritas from the Sport City, Via Medular to the Fairground.

Tuesday, February 13 17:30h. Carnavalito Infantil in the Tent of the Fairground with workshops, mats and the performances of the Wizard of Sickle and clowns.

Wednesday, February 14 18:00h. Burial of the Sardine. Departure from City Hall to the Marine Park, with street musicians, parades, batucadas, winning floats and sore mascaritas.


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