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MasDanza Lanzarote 2017

Four shows that include some of the best contemporary dancers in the world.

This is what MasDanza Lanzarote 2017 is committing to offer. They will be on the island on Friday 27th October, in Teatro el Salinero.

Four pieces by Gil Kerer, Hisashi Watanabe, Ferenc Fehér, Hung-Chung Lai, from Israel, Japan, Hungary and Taiwan respectively. A brilliant opportunity for dance lovers and fans of cultural events in general. We hope to see you there.

Tel-Aviv, Israel
Created by Gil Kerer & Korina Fraiman
Performed by Gil Kerer, Marija Slavec
Music Rubel “Quando Bate Aquela Saudade”
Screech sound effect: The 12 Hours Movie Specialist
Lighting Design Yoav Barel

“The duet offers a passionate meeting between a man and woman. The relationship between the two is intense and chaotic, but within it, it is also possible to find comfort. Pain, desire and elegance are intertwined and re-establish the power struggle balance”.

Kyoto, Japan
Created & Performed by Hisashi Watanabe
Original Music Hisashi Watanabe “Inverted Tree”
Costumes Shie Minamino
Lighting Design Tomohiko Watarikawa

“Where did the form of the body come from? “ ‘Play’ is the essence of humans,” said Johan Huizinga. Neoteny, the form we acquired during our evolution, is the ability to keep possibilities for the future without specializing. It encourages us to search and discover the unknown. It might be the tolerance of nature that allows us to reserve insignificant elements. Enormous possibility is born and dies, endlessly repeated.

Budapest, Hungary
Created & Performed by Ferenc Fehér, Dávid Mikó (Emdé)
Original Music Ferenc Fehér “The Station”
Costumes Judit Simon
Lighting Design Dávid Kovácsovics
Production Partner Katlan Csoport
Supporters NKA, Emberi Erőforrások Minisztériuma, Katlan Csoport

“Born …Fight …Get out of here if you can! Play with me if you dare!”

BIRDY (13’)
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
Created by Hung-Chung Lai
Performed by I-Han Cheng, Chia-Ming Lee, Lin-Yi Chien
Music Robert Goula “Awe-Overview Effect”,
Max Richter “”The Wave: Tuesday- Three World”
Costumes> Hung-Chung Lai

In this trio, the female dancer dreams of a life of a bird and the male dancer symbolizes a supporter, a cage, a heart of mirror and a dream. She is thirsty to be free flying through the open blue sky. She is willing to sacrifice everything and to do whatever it takes in order to achieve this dream. However, in reality, people often feel trapped in their own little bubbles because of a different morality, different beliefs, different ideals, and different responsibility. We say to ourselves that we can’t always follow our heart and do whatever we want to do in order to chase the dream.

We are tamed. We are trapped in the cage we build for ourselves. In this work, the female dancer wears a special head piece called “Ling Zi”. Its long pheasant tail feathers often worn on warriors’ helmets in traditional Chinese opera in order to present the warriors’ power and skill. In this trio, “Ling Zi” presents an image of a bird, an extension of inner emotions, a desire to escape from reality, as well as the passion to chase the dream. “Ling Zi’’ swings around as the dancer moves through space to express the real struggles and battle on the inside. In real life, if we never take actions to achieve our dream, then dream will always be just a dream, like that weightless “Ling Zi”.

If the dream is something worth fighting for, then we must go after the dream, take action, and do whatever it takes to make the dream come true. Like an old Chinese proverb, “Though death befalls all men alike, it may be heavier than Mount Tai or lighter than a feather. People live and people die, but the spirit they left forever shines.”

Tickets: 10€
Recommended Age: All audiences

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