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Carnival arrives in Lanzarote!

It’s time to put on our masks and enjoy yourselves outside!

The festivities are inaugurated with the Carnival of Arrecife, dedicated to the “Tribes of the World” and celebrated throughout the city, from the Fairground to the ‘Charco de San Ginés’ and the Marina.

It begins on Saturday the 18th with the Initial Announcement in the Charco de San Ginés. On Monday the 20th, the Senior Carnival takes place and on Thursday the 23rd, the Traditional Parade will shine at the Recinto Ferial of Arrecife.

The ‘batucadas and comparsas’ (musical groups) will make us dance in the Porteño Carnival on Saturday 25th and the Great Parade of Carnival Carriages will tour the streets of Arrecife on Monday 27th.

For the little ones we also have the ‘Carnavalito Infantil’ on Tuesday 28th.

And it all comes to an end with the Burial of the Sardine on Wednesday 1st, at the Reducto Beach.

“Those wonderful 50’s and 60’s.” The carnival of Puerto del Carmen is dedicated this year to the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Tiñosa as a tourist coast, paying homage to a decisive time in the history of this town.

Thus, on Friday March 3rd, the Great Carnival Gala will begin in the Plaza del Varadero from 8.30 pm. It will count with the performances of the groups, batucadas and a large ‘verbena’ (open – air dance).

The Great Carnival Parade of Puerto del Carmen will leave on Saturday, March the 4th at 5:00 pm from the Barcarola area, crossing the Las Playas Avenue to finish at the height of the Fariones Beach.

That same Saturday we will dance from 9.00 p.m. until dawn at the Varadero Square.

The Children’s Carnival and the Day Carnival will enliven us on Sunday morning at the Varadero Square from 11:00 am with workshops, inflatables and performances of children’s murgas.

“Cuba. Al son de Guajira” is the theme of the Teguise Carnival, which will take place between the 10th and 12th of March.

The pedestrian area of La Villa will host the traditional Carnival on Friday 10th March at 8pm.

The Gran Carnival Parade will tour the streets of Costa Teguise on Saturday 11th of March and the streets of La Graciosa on the 25th of March.

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