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This is an important announcement for divers: Europe’s first underwater museum is already a reality in Lanzarote!

The Museo Atlántico has taken almost two years to complete and was inaugurated on 10th January 2017.

It is located in the south of the island at 14 metres underneath the surface and takes up 50 x 50 metres.

It is the first time that the artist Jason deCaires Taylor makes sculptures this size like the 100 tonne 30 metre-long wall, the underwater botanical sculpture garden, and over 200 life-size human figures in a whirlwind formation.

This amazing museum features over 300 life-sized sculptures across 12 installations.

All of them are all built with with pH neutral materials that are environmentally-friendly. It is surprising that the first pieces that were installed in February 2016 have already experienced a significant increase in the levels of generation and abundance of species!

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