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The Lanzarote Effect

Some places in the world are special…

Lanzarote is different than other sun and sea destinations. It’s an island where nature and art prevail.

A place where the people are as warm as they are active and proud. Where the food tastes of the sea and the earth. Where the essence of the island leaves a mark on your soul long after you depart. That’s the Lanzarote Effect.

“people say you will be transported to another universe, you will go to places usually reserved for dreams…”

Conservation and cultural heritage are embedded in the history of Lanzarote and its people. This is a destination that feels like it was reserved for your dreams. Island life has adapted and thrived despite a harsh volcanic landscape, which has led to miles of ash fields re-imagined as water conservation systems for agriculture. Vineyards thriving out of deep holes in the ground. Stunning views of volcanoes and sea anywhere you stand, all because of a deep commitment to strict development codes on the island.

“if you take the right path you will meet faces that you will never forget…”

The people of Lanzarote are committed to their future. Their sustainability practices, established before they were commonplace, will allow future generations to enjoy the same Lanzarote they live in today. And they ask that you enjoy it with them.

“if you hear the whisper of the tabaiba tree, they say you will hear music coming from the earth…”

The Lanzarote Effect extends into the integration of nature, art and culture. César Manrique, a Lanzarote-born artist, spearheaded the development of art and culture centers across the island that blend into their natural settings. Visitors understand that in Lanzarote, nature is art. Art is nature.

“they say you can even fly…”

Your views will never be spoiled here, and your visit will always give back to the island. You too are a part of the Lanzarote Effect.

“…if you contemplate the sun long enough to see it vanish, they say you will just disappear.”

Come experience the Lanzarote Effect for yourself.

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