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Mars in Lanzarote

Anyone visiting Lanzarote for the first time believes they are travelling to another planet. The volcanoes that dot its surface, the lava that flows and the capricious morphologies of the rocks that embrace the sea evoke very distant worlds, like Mars.

In fact, scientifically, the landscape hides an important planetary message for the exploration of the red planet. Aware of its geological importance, scientists from the Institute of Geosciences installed one of its laboratories on the island thirty years ago.

One of these lines of study focuses on planetary analogues, geomorphological structures and geological processes that have similarities with Mars (and also with the Moon).

UNESCO has valued the Spanish geological wealth and has recognized as geoparks eleven enclaves, the last of them, Lanzarote and its Chinijo Archipelago, located to the north of the island. With this, Spain is the second country in the world with most geological reserves, only behind China.

In Lanzarote, the whole island has a Martian air. More than places, the scientists highlight the geological processes that take place and that could have been common in the red planet.

One of the enclaves they are analysing is Caldera Blanca, a volcano located northwest of the island.

Geologists are studying its hydromagmatic processes, in which volcanism is related to water and you can see how it has interacted and evolved. The results of the investigation will be known in the coming months.

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