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Punta Mujeres Natural Swimming Pools

Diverse family pools in Lanzarote

Two kilometers of many diverse natural swimming pools, two of which are well sheltered from the open seas, make Punta Mujeres in the north east of Lanzarote a reference point on the island. In a fishing village of white houses which still maintains the traditional touch, visitors and residents of all ages will enjoy the many different sensations of that ideal mix of sun, lava and delightful ocean. The human hand is only in evidence in some manmade access steps and sunbathing areas. The rest is pure nature topped with a sprinkle of salt.

Natural swimming pools to bathe in along with enchanting places

This kind of natural water park well deserves a lengthy visit in order to get to know its pools, sea mouth and already existing small capes. The visit is perfectly enhanced by dropping into the traditional bar right next to one of the most popular pools. Besides, the experience is further enriched by having two of the most widely visited tourist centres nearby, the Jameos del Agua and La Cueva del los Verdes (Green Caves) as well as many restaurants and children’s play areas.

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