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Unique Spots

Lanzarote is pure geology, submarines scenerys and moonlike landscape, transparent water, thirsty earth, with oasis of palm trees coexisting in harmony with both, man and nature.

Lanzarote offers a landscape to enjoy all year round, sunny days, delicious beaches, beautiful and exotic volcanic valleys. To arrive on Lanzarote, means to have chosen a privileged destination.

Lanzarote has more than 100 opened mouthed volcanoes in 800 square kilometres or petrify rivers of black liquorice looking lava flow, without fumes, an architecture in peaceful silence, full of charm.

Pure and spontaneous beauty. The Wisdom formed by centuries. To respect its landscape with delight and admire its past. The light that reflects everything.

Mere words are not enough to describe the magic mistery of Lanzarote, even after having been on the Island, you will doubt if the Island is real, an hallucionation or a mirage.

There are a lot of surprising and tempting places to capture the imagination of travellers. Each one of the seven municipalitys which divide the Island, are connected with the sea, each has more than one secret, and we are invited to discover them.

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