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The US seeks alternatives to Hawaii after the construction of a telescope on a sacred mountain has been stopped

The Mauna Kea volcano, something like the Olympus of the Hawaiian gods, is home right now to 13 first class science facilities, including some giant telescopes like the Keck twins, of 10 meters.

The plans of the University of California and Caltech were to lift the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT, its acronym in English), given the exceptional capabilities of the mountain, the highest in the area (4,200m) and the most sacred, where there are still native burials.

But in the Canary Islands, everything would be facilitated. From the social point of view, the observatories are proud and even count with a Law of the Sky that commits the residents of the canaries to sacrifice with lower levels of light pollution. In el Roque, a dozen telescopes of high quality are located and amongst them, the world’s largest, the Great Canary Telescope.

Although el Roque is only 2,300 meters above sea level, the observation conditions are as good as on Mauna Kea. Proof of this is that in recent years it has attracted major international facilities such as the Cherenkov telescopes network.

The TMT aims to push the limits of the observable universe and multiply the discovery of new lands.

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