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Carnival in Puerto del Carmen 2016

Carnival is one of the most important and popular celebrations in Puerto del Carmen.

A joyful annual event with a parade of fascinating floats where all the participants and many spectators wear inventive and colourful costumes that guarantee great fun for young and old.

If you are looking for some serious fun, come and join us!

Programme of events

Friday, 12

20.30h: Great show of the Carnival, with performances of Comparsa Sur Caliente Junior, la Charanga “Los Gruñones”, the Batucada “Chimbay” and the Comparsa “Sur Caliente”, at the Plaza del Varadero Square. Then, Great Party with Otra Clave Orchestra, Kimera Band and DJ Aitor.

Saturday, 13
17.00h: Grand Carnival Paradde at the Avenida de Las Playas, from Barcarola Apartments to the Fariones Playa Hotel.
21.00h: Al night long Party with “Los Conejeros”, “Armonía Show” orchestras and DJ Ángel Pérez, at Plaza del Varadero Square.

strong>Sunday, 14
11:00h: Children´s carnival (bouncy castles, children´s activities, etc) with performance of Children Murgas, at the Varadero Square.
12:00h. carnival by day, with the “Edwin Rivera”, Pepe Benavente and Rafael Flores “El Morocho”performances.

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