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Lanzarote now counts with two UNESCO recognitions.

‘Biosphere Reserve’ and ‘Geopark Lanzarote Archipelago Chinijo’

Besides these two titles, Lanzarote was the first tourist destination in the world that had a sustainable certification endorsed by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, affiliated to the World Tourism Organisation and sponsored by UNESCO.

To date, the United Nations was the only one sponsoring the distinction of ‘Geoparks’. With the approval of this programme from UNESCO, the ‘Geopark of Lanzarote’ and the ‘Archipelago Chinijo’ have become part of an international cooperation and scientific research programme.

The island already counts with two recognitions from UNESCO, one obtained in 1993 under the Man and Biosphere programme (MAB) which led to the island being declared a Biosphere Reserve, and now ‘Geopark Lanzarote and Archipelago Chinijo’ (obtained in September 2015) in this new programme of cooperation and investigation from UNESCO.

The aim of this new programme is to facilitate research cooperation between geoscientists within and across borders, through joint research work, meetings and workshops. This programme involves numerous Geoparks worldwide and involves thousands of scientists from over a hundred countries.

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