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Hollywood has found the Canary Islands as a very reliable place for filming their movies

Ron Howard director of “In the Heart of the Sea”

Winner of two Oscars for “A Beautiful Mind” Best Film and Best Director-, Ron Howard (1954) is the author of “In the Heart of the Sea” a project which, among other many locations, was filmed in La Gomera and Lanzarote.

“The producer was the one who suggested the possibility of filming the Canaries, but once there I saw that everything I had been told about the weather, the sea, nature, was true … I would recommend to my colleagues a similar experience, because the islands are a nice place to work. The producer trusts in the Canary Islands as a filming location”.

The local government has also collaborated with some advantages that are important when planning a production, and the collaboration among the people of the islands has been exceptional. “During the stay only we received signs of kindness and affection, and the people there who participated in the filming also facilitated many things. The results of this cooperation have been positive. I’ve had really good time and it seems that people in the Canary Islands have a cheerful and receptive spirit … ”

Both Ridley Scott and I “we have found a place in which the authorities were very cooperative, where there are some very compelling nature elements and in which people do not create any issues. On the contrary, we felt welcome. In the world there are eight or nine places to shoot like this, but not all of them have this wonderful sea. That, in a film of sea, is vital. ”

Hollywood has found the Canary Islands as a very reliable place for filming their movies

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