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Thousand new plants for the Cactus Garden

990 exemplars of cactus have been purchased, some of which are being used to replace plants that have been lost naturally over the years. Others serve to maintain a reserve that serves to address small contingencies that may occur in specimens that are in danger of extinction.

Although exemplars of various types have been bought, the Melocactus is especially striking; a plant of which only one exemplar is left in the Garden because of its extreme sensitivity. There are also several Cissus Jutae plants a “very original cactus, whose root comes from the family of vines”.

Additionally, it also seeks to recover the original image of the Cactus Garden to keep it at least the eighth most beautiful garden in the world, as it was valued by the users of the social network ‘Experience Spain’ of travels In this regard, note that the digital supplement of the newspaper El Mundo,, made use of the opinions of users of this social network to place it at the height of the gardens of Versailles and Monet, in France; Keukenhof, in the Netherlands; and the Waterfall Gardens in Costa Rica, among others.

Remember that the Cactus Garden houses in its 5,000 square meters more than 6,000 specimens of more than 1,100 species from places as diverse as Peru, Mexico, Chile, United States, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, Morocco and, of course, Canary Islands.

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