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“White Night” in Teguise

Teguise has been very culturally rich and to keep this tradition going, the streets of Teguise will be celebrating La Noche Blanca or “White Night” in Teguise in it’s fifth edition on Friday, July 3rd, 2015.

This cultural night is set in La Villa de Teguise with expectations of more than 6,000 people who will fill the streets of the Old Town. This event is being promoted by the City of Teguise in collaboration with the local businesses.

In 2012 “The White Night”, Teguise was awarded as an event for Distinguished Tourism in the Events category in favor of Island Tourism. The event will see lots of programs that will start at 4 pm and aims to draw street culture in the Plaza of the Constitution, known as Plaza de Los Leones.

There will be cultural and sports activities for all ages, parade through the different squares and streets of the town in the afternoon. About 10 at night, an explosion of batucadas and extras will announce the official start of a night of concerts by all bars and downtown restaurants.

A party full of magic, the night will shine on Teguise, not just because the event successfully attracted large number of visitors in the previous editions, but because the event has a family atmosphere and the desire to enjoy a magical evening at one of the points of the island’s heritage and cultural tradition of the Canary Islands.

The “White Night” gives everyone a beautiful chance for tourists coming to Lanzarote, to have a relaxed family holiday along with residents of Teguise, enjoying music, culture and historical heritage. The essence of a sleepless night, with the opening of shops, restaurants and museums, and a range of activities on the street also shows how safe Lanzarote is.

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