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César Manrique´s wind toys

Puerto del Carmen will feature a 12m mobile sculpture of the César Manrique´s wind toys collection.

The unpublished work “El Róbalo” from the collection known as wind toys of César Manrique, will be located in the roundabout of Los Pocillos Beach, in La Avenida de las Playas, and will treat about the theme of the sea world and marine life.

An important part of the sculptural works of César Manrique are mobiles sculptures, which he called Wind Toys. His plan included the installation of these in different strategic points of the island.

Are solid, heavy structures, iron made, composed of spheres, cones, pyramids, circles … With the wind become ethereal, weightless, and established a complicated movement.

There is no doubt that this image is associated with the windmills, which were abundant in Lanzarote in the past.

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