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Lanzarote, Sustainable Tourism

Lanzarote, the first destination in the world to be certified as sustainable tourism.

The World Tourism Organisation endorses the recognition.

Lanzarote has become the first destination in the world to obtain the Biosphere Responsible Tourism certification recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, a body under the World Tourism Organisation.

The GSTC recognises the sustainability trajectory followed by the island.

It is the first time that this award is awarded to an entire destination. So far, the Biosphere stamp had been granted to less extensive geographical areas, such as Yellowstone Park in the U.S.A or the Fjords in Norway.

An award that recognises the social responsibility, economic development, environmental compliance, cultural protection and the involvement of the tourist at the destination.

The recognition will significantly contribute to the differentiation of Lanzarote in the international tourism market while strengthening the position of Lanzarote in those markets particularly sensitive to the preservation and care of the environment.

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