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Canary Islands looking for their best ‘gofio’

A total of 75 samples of the traditional toasted flour from the islands, participate in the first contest of this product.

Already, aboriginals from the Canaries, used to elaborate it with a wheat base, barley and millet (maize). It is the essential breakfast in the diet of the islander and its name is associated with the Canary Islands worldwide. There is no doubt that ‘gofio’ is the gold dust that the islands treasure.

However, now they are looking for the true gem and for this aim they have organised the first official competition of ‘gofio’. At stake is that t the ‘gofio’ from the Canary Islands will shine in the world as it truly deserves.


There will be a total of 75 samples of ‘gofio’ from all the islands. Twelve mils fromTenerife, four from La Palma, four from Gran Canaria and one in each of the other islands were encouraged to participate in this contest.

The ‘gofio’ from the Canaries has an added value, as the Canaries are by law a free zone of genetically modified crops, so we know that our product is not contaminated.

Product of excellence

In 83% of homes in the Canary Islands gofio is consumed. The cereal from the ‘Guanches’ wins in presence against other competitors such as instant coffee, breakfast cereals or cocoa powder.

And 98% of the islanders consider ‘gofio’ a healthy food and they highlight its nutritional value, energy intake and good flavour.

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