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Lanzartote, An Above Land and Underwater Volcano

This is an island to fall in love with, a place where an equilibrium between humans and nature can still be enjoyed. What is so striking to those that visit Lanzarote for the first time is the incredible harmony of its rural surroundings, its natural wonders and its varied scenery.

An arid, semi-desert landscape, but beautiful nonetheless. Besides the richness of its land, Lanzarote hides another island underwater, a submerged island full of color and life. An eruption of biodiversity that fills every space touched by the ocean with movement and joy. In the waters around Lanzarote, we have the opportunity of enjoying the majesty of large animals of all different types, such as dusky groupers, turtles, stingrays, dolphins, and even whales and sperm whales.

A large amount of small animals populate the underwater landscape in Lanzarote. Many of them are hard for divers to see on the rest of the islands, such as the canary star, the tree coral, the ballan wrasse or the swarms of shrimp that hide in the islands numerous underwater caves.

The underwater topography is characterized by its volcanic origin, distinguishing it as a unique type of seascape within the Canary Islands. The steep cliffs close to the coast drop deep underwater to as far as 200m, and there are extensive shelves between the islands. These elements make Lanzarote’s dive sites some of the most diverse to be found around the world.

Like the rest of the Canary Islands, our waters abound with life but lack truly dangerous species like many other places in the world. Most species in the Canaries are calm, shy animals and encounters with angel sharks, large dusky groupers and hammerhead sharks should be considered as lucky events and no reason for alarm. Common sense, prudence, respect and knowledge are the secrets to diving safely.

Responsible diving involves preserving the environment and trying to improve it.

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