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Christmas vacation in the Canary Islands

8 reasons to spend your Christmas vacation in the Canary Islands

Christmas in the Canary Islands is a more palatable plan: Sun, beach and much more… A different plan to enjoy Christmas at another rate.

-Sun. You’ll Tan your holiday. You will be the envy of the office!

-Open the year with a swim in the sea. You won’t have to wait six months to go to the beach to enjoy it.

-Connecting flights. Our islands have a very high frequency of flights at this time and connection with major airports.

-Can be relaxed in your hammock, or if you’re more active, enjoy water sports.

-Family travel. The ideal way to travel safely with children. It offers multiple activities for the children.

-Beaches. In the Canary Islands, we have the best beaches. Some virgins, paradise…

-Traditional Nativity scenes. One of the essentials is to visit the differents births to each village strives to perform.

-Enjoy the best Christmas traditions and the delicious desserts.

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