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Lanzarote will have the first underwater museum in Europe

Green light to the financing of the Atlantic Lanzarote Museum: Biosphere, Art and Nature, the work of the British eco- sculptor Jason DeCaires Taylor, author also of the sub – aquatic Sculpture Park on the Caribbean Island of Granada and The Underwater Art Museum (MUSA) on Island Las Mujeres in Cancun, Mexico.

The Atlantic Lanzarote Museum will be located on the southwest coast of the island, in an area of seabed close to ‘Las Coloradas’ in the municipality of Yaiza. This area is not within the boundaries of any protected area and counts with the best conditions for the installation as it is sheltered from strong currents.

In addition, the shallow sandy bottom, the quality and transparency of the water and the absence of fishing grounds for which there are figures of protection have been equally decisive for the choice of location.

The materials used by DeCaires Taylor, harmless for the environment, and the layout of the museum itself will favour the colonization of ‘flora and fauna’ in this seabed, just as it happened with the sub – aquatic museums of Granada and Cancun.

In the latter one, for example, the biomass of coral increased by 12% between 2009 (opening year) and 2013, while the crustaceans, fish, shellfish and seaweed grew by a 59% – 65%.

Following completion, the sculptures will be submerged to a depth of no less than 12 metres but no higher than 15 metres, which allows for the museum to be visible for divers of all levels and even, for it to be visible in determined days from the surface.

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