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Optimistic grape harvest in Lanzarote

The Wine Regulatory Council of Lanzarote estimates that the grape harvest this year will be closed with two and a half million kilograms of harvested grapes, representing 200,000 kg more than in 2013.

From the harvest of this year which is about to end, Lanzarote’s wine industry has made a very positive account. The experts claim that the grape which has already entered the winery, is very close to excellence.

The wines of denomination of origin Lanzarote are characterized by a marked mineral – volcanic flavour perfectly balanced with the high acidity they present. In a sub – desert climate such as the one in Lanzarote, aggravated by the scorching Saharan winds and in a land of volcanic nature, promoting viticulture as a living requires acumen, tenacity and originality. Hence they are the most unique vineyards of the Spanish territory.

Today, the grape harvest denomination of origin wines in Lanzarote has practically ended. This D.O (Denomination of Origin) is the one of largest production and largest area in the Canary Islands with 2,000 hectares cultivated spread over the areas of La Geria, Masdache, in the centre and west of the island; and Yé and Los Lajares, in the north. Lanzarote has the peculiarity of being the wine region of lower production per hectare in Spain, with just 1,500 kilos per hectare, mainly due to its particular cultivation hole system , especially located in La Geria, in the centre of the island. This system, devised centuries ago by the winemakers of the island, is used due to the thickness of the layer of ‘lapilli’ or existing volcanic rock, as in some areas reaches three meters in height, so the density of plantation in these areas is lower than in the rest of the island and the grape harvest is more expensive, since this type of cultivation does not allow the use of machinery and all efforts must be made manually.

We invite you to discover these wines, rather expensive due to the complicated viticulture of the island and transportation to mainland Spain which increases their price; but certainly unique and of great personality.

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