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XXV Campesino Festival

With the show “Desde Lanzarote” Los Campesinos will do a musical journey through the islands on an acoustic and visual tour accompanied by Luis Morera, Germán López, Angélica Pérez, Victor Batista, Miguel Afonso, Cali Fernandez, Aaron Morales, José M. Ramos, Victor Achimencey Estarico and Toledo.

“Los Campesinos” is a traditional music and dance group founded in Lanzarote in 1963.The respect for and protection of culture were the attractions that have made it possible to keep this group going until the present time. In this way and in order to preserve the traditions, investigate them and create from this knowledge acquired has enabled the group to represent with authenticity the values, behaviour and ways of Lanzarote’s farmers.

The attires, oblivious to luxury and preciousness, is taken from that used by the farmers of the island throughout the twentieth century. Even today, although to a lesser extent, one can see farmers, men and women, wearing these clothes which are ideal for supporting a climate of sunshine and persistent wind.

The music, which in the hands of the peasants always related to their tools, agricultural and pastoral environment, highlights the diversity of styles of our singers.

Six couples form the dance group filling the space of great beauty and plasticity.

Barefoot and carrying farm implements, the dancers draw in the air the peasant essence of the island. It is precisely the control of the rich cultural heritage of the island that has made Los Campesinos, for several decades, honest and worthy representatives of the sung and danced history o the Canarian village.

Sunday August 24 at 21:30 at the ‘Recinto Ferial’ in Arrecife. Free admission.

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