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Arrecife City Council organizes a tribute concert to Alfredo Kraus on the fifteenth anniversary of his disappearance.

The Cinema Theatre Atlantida will pay tribute from 21:00pm on Friday 29th of August to one of the most important opera singers in history, tenor Alfredo Kraus.

The concert has been organized by the City Council of Arrecife, through the Department of Tourism and the best artists of “bel canto” of the Canary Islands and mainland Spain will participate. It will offer a clear example of the talent in the islands and of the inert footprint left by a universal artist, like the master Alfredo Kraus.

Although born in Gran Canaria, was closely linked to Lanzarote, the island he picked to rest and spend summer at for more than 30 years.

But besides the tribute to Alfredo Kraus, the concert also has a goal of solidarity as they hope to fill the theatre with no empty spaces, as the money raised will be donated to the charity “Caritas”.

Tickets, priced at 15 euros, are now on sale at the petrol station Pcan El Carmen in Valterra and at Luna Records.

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