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Ultramar Music Festival arrives to Puerto del Carmen

The Varadero Square in Puerto del Carmen (Lanzarote) will host on the 8th & 9th of August, the first edition of the Ultramar Music Festival, which will bring together on stage a selection of artists and groups residing in the Canaries, but from diverse origins, encouraging the meeting to become the best display of the so – called ‘musics of the world’ or ‘roots music’ in the Canary Islands.


The performances program will be led by the Gran Canarian artist Germán López, and the group Nayaband from Senegal (friday the 8th) ; and the group ‘Ciempies ni Cabeza’ from Lanzarote, the group ‘Taburiente’ from La Palma and the group ‘Más que Son’ from Cuba (saturday the 9th). The concerts are free.

Despite their different backgrounds and different musical languages that they use to express their art, they all understand each other through the universal language that is music and which has been able to gather previously in more than one occasion a large number of the artists who will share experiences on the weekend of 8th and 9th of August in Puerto del Carmen.

The artist from Gran Canaria Germán López,John Naya from Senegal , Luis Morera (Taburiente) from La Palma or the Cuban Toto Noriega (Más que Son) have coincided many times on stage and have made out of the sea that separated them geographically and physically, a common framework for the understanding of their music and a space for common creation, sharing rhythms and melodies to make their music a global framework.

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