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Puerto del Carmen will open in 2015 the first museum dedicated to Pepe Dámaso.

The center will exhibit 600 artworks of the gran canarian artist and from his personal collection of artworks by Cesar Manrique.

The Tías’ City Hall will open next year the first museum to the public in the touristic area of Puerto del Carmen. The museum which is dedicated to the gran canarian artist Pepe Dámaso, will include 600 artworks by the artist and his personal collection of Cesar Manrique´s artworks.

The museum will be located in a building owned by the City Council, which once was an art gallery and is situated in Cesar Manrique Road, on the corner with Ramblas Islas Canarias.

Dámaso, Canary Prize of Arts and ‘Doctor Honoris Causa’ by the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, has presented with the mayor of Tías, Pancho Hernández, the future museum dedicated to his artistic legacy, which according to what he’s previously mentioned, will exhibit artworks donated to the people of Lanzarote through the City Council of Tías.

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