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The Canaries exceed for the first time a million tourists in the month of October

The Islands receive 1,004,046 foreign visitors, a 7.5% more than those achieved in the tenth month of 2012.

Saying these are the best forecasts on tourism for the winter season in the Canaries would be running short. For the first time since at least 2000, the furthest one which the Survey Frontier Tourist Movement (Frontur) offers data for, in October, the 1,004,046-million-visitors was exceeded.

That total volume of arrivals is 7.5% higher than that registered in the tenth month of 2012. The relative increase in the first ten months of the year is 2.5%, between January and October, the Islands have received 8,517,660 travelers from beyond the Spanish borders.

The Canary islands concentrated an 18.3% of foreign tourists arriving in Spain in the tenth month of the year, 5,474,909.

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