Hotel Las Costas

Check the current measures for travel to the Canary Islands.

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General measures

  • Acquisition of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).
  • Disinfection of rooms and common areas according to established protocols.
  • Our entire team is specially trained in COVID-19 situations.
  • Regular health controls of all staff.
  • Signposting of risk and distance areas.
  • Disposal of disinfectant gel in different locations.
  • Mandatory equipment for suppliers entering the hotel.
Hotel Las Costas

Reception service

  • We’ve streamlined the check-in process, minimizing paperwork.
  • We disinfect all the material which we give to the customers (room cards, keys, pens, etc).
  • We provide the basic information of prevention and rules of correct use of the facilities to all customers.
Hotel Las Costas

Cleaning services

  • Our laundry assures and certifies the treatment of the clothes at more than 60ºC and with disinfectant products.
  • We clean the rooms only, when the customer is not present. If this is not possible, the customer must remain on the terrace in order to maintain the appropriate distance.
  • We reduce the number of rooms per cleaner for a better cleaning and disinfection of your room.
  • Our cleaners will work with personal protective equipment appropriate to the circumstances.
Hotel Las Costas

Bars and restaurants

  • We reduce the capacity of restaurants, bars and terraces in order to keep the mínimum distance.
  • We have adapted our processes of ordering, preparation, delivery, consumption and payment of services.
  • We disinfect our kitchens and kitchen equipment, following the established protocols of temperature, products and frequency.
  • In the delivery process, we work with suppliers following all safety controls.
  • In order to limit contact during food processing, we work in the kitchen and restaurant with face masks and gloves and offer the food in single portions wherever possible.
  • We carry out an exhaustive control and revision of the temperature of the dishwashing trains (>80º).
Hotel Las Costas

Wellness areas (pool, gym and treatments)

  • The use of the whirlpool is limited to guests only, those sharing a room are allowed to use it at the same time. A time window for a máximum stay will be set.
  • We have reduced the capacity of the gym.
  • The treatments will be offered with gloves and face mask and the cabin will be disinfected after each treatment.
  • We maintain the protocols established by the external company Biolab regarding swimming pools, filters and cleaning.
Hotel Las Costas

It is time for a reunion

Hotel Las Costas

The world stopped, time stopped but the feeling remained.

It was just a little break on the long road ahead, a time to remember what really matters. Strength and illusion define our unique team, a large family, united as never before, who want to give you the holidays you dreamed of in this paradise.

We thank you for every word of support and the trust you have placed in our Hibiscus Hotels. We will continue to keep you informed of all new developments and hope to welcome you soon with a warm smile in all our hotels.

We will once again fulfil dreams, together and be more united.

Thank you for going this way together with us.